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extreme astrology through asters

Naksya covering BCE and CE

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Year [values] range from -14999 to 14999 and are not limited to 4-digit years. Chiron cannot be computed for the entire range and is set to Pulto's value if Naksya cannot compute the longitude of Chiron (earlier than 675 CE or beyond 4650 CE). Negative years represent the period before common era or the BCE (BC) period, positive numbered years fall into CE (or AD) period. Naksya treats year numbers 0-99 (usually a 1990-2000 rounding on most other software) differently on Naksya as single or double-digit year CE (as on start of AD). Examples of years: 012000-01-01 (first January year 12000), 000001-12-25 (start of the common era), -003020-09-01 (start of the Kali Yuga). ISO convention labels 1 BC as +0000, 2 BC as −0001, we follow the convention religiously. Please read about ISO 8601 date representations at Wikipedia and ISO websites.



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Handling dates: Naksya treats the day and month component of a date 'as usual' enforcing no special handling rules. For dealing with years, before 1500 CE, today's calendar dates and months become redundant with solar and lunar years in those days signifying different connotations. Naksya acts on the year-segment part of a date uniquely. A "Year" as such, within Naksya, gets treated differently from a ‘typical’ four-digit year as managed in most other software applications. Naksya provisions for "years" ranging anywhere from -14999 to 14999. Negative years imply the BCE or BC era, the period before the common era. Positive numbered years are from 1 CE or AD and beyond the present 20XX, extending into future years, stopping at 14999. More examples: In Naksya, we treat year 1 as CE 2 (AD). And, -1 as BCE 1 (BC). Unlike the year 2000 rounding in many other software, Naksya treats year-numbers 1 through 99 differently - the numbers belonging to the years CE 1-99 (AD).



The prevailing ‘Dasa’ system over the years has fallen victim to different algorithmic computations and interpretations and the system is another Tower of Babel. Many astrologers interpret how the two systems, sidereal and tropical differ. The difference in longitude between the systems come from the factor known as Ayanamsa. Results can differ by a year when using different Ayanamsa values. This adds to the confusion. You are advised not to take any one Ayanamsa as conclusive, other computations have their merits. Slight variations in Ayanamsa has a tremendous impact on the Dasa system. Even a tenth of a degree may move a dasa-antara-pratyantara-sukshma to another calendar year.


Topocentric is as measured/observed from a point on Earth's surface - unlike geocentric which is as measured from the center of the Earth.



Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Swiss Ephemeris

Naksya.com and Jotiz.com are not-for-profit web applications in astrology. Naksya uses the principles of asterisms. Jotiz, on the other hand, works with Vedic and Celtic astrology. Asters are not the same as constellations. As aster can be made of overlapping constellations. Some of the source has been contributed to the open source and available from GitHub.com/devbnj.


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1.x Updates

Added Nakshatra 27, 28 with two variations

Added Sarvatobhadra chart with tithis


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